About us



King55 was born in 2001, in Sao Paulo - Brazil, believing that we need to be the change we want in the world and what we consume is an important way to make a difference. We decided to produce our exclusive pieces using sustainable and ecologically responsible raw materials, without any animal by-product, to attend the increasing demand of people with the same belief. Our products are manually produced to guarantee quality and detailed design aspects.

We are bringing King55 to Canada because we noticed the connection of this beautiful country with what we believe and the concern of people to purchase environmentally conscious products. We found that our values are highly supported here and the market is in need of a brand that provides beautifully designed and high quality products and respects the animals and the environment.  

Being part of the King55 family is not a matter of purchasing our products, but sharing the values of environmental consciousness and animal welfare. We are more than glad to have our products desired by people with the same values and we look forward to provide more and more products that meet our valuable customers’ expectations.  


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